3 Secrets to Winning With Holiday Gifts

Holidays are a busy time for us all, both professionally and personally, which means it can be easy to overlook the importance of providing holiday gifts for your clients. Gifts play an important role, keeping your brand top-of-mind and setting you apart from your competition. Ditch the coffee mugs, mousepads, and memory sticks. Use this opportunity to demonstrate your company’s creativity and uniqueness and to meet your busy client’s needs.

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1. Meet a Need

Holiday gifts don’t have to be expensive or elaborate but should be thoughtful. They should demonstrate that you have paid attention and that your relationship with them matters. Just as you think of your mom every time you slip into those cozy slippers she gave you, your client will remember you every time they use your gift. So make it useful to satisfy a need rather than being a paperweight or pen holder. Here are a few examples.

  1. Is your client always on the go? Give a gift that helps them stay organized or charged up while running from meeting to meeting like a computer bag with charging ports.

  2. Do they always have a large coffee on their desk? A stainless-steel tumbler that keeps that coffee hot for 24 hours stuffed with coffee or a certificate shows that you notice the details.

  3. Is your client vested in a charity or cause? A donation in their name with a custom branded plaque shows that you also care.

2. Consider the Gift Policy

When selecting gift items, it is also important to consider your client’s gift policy. Many companies limit the value of a gift their employees can receive. A flashy, expensive gift can also make your client uncomfortable and give them the wrong impression. In most cases try to limit the gift value to under $100. This also applies to providing customer experiences such as sports or concert tickets. To avoid any potential issues, consider hosting clients as your guest rather than providing general tickets.

3. Don’t Forget the Group

Lastly, your contact may be the one you interact with day-to-day, but they may be part of a broader group behind the scenes that plays a role in your relationship. If providing gifts for the entire group is too much for your budget, consider items such as a food basket that contains a variety of treats to allow for easy sharing. These baskets can still be easily branded and provide an economical solution for large groups.

Written by:
Stephanie Sherman | Regional Account Manager at Pinpoint Promotions

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