Pinpoint Creates a Remarkable Event for Procter & Gamble

The secret to being a great host is to make your guests feel welcomed and create a fun atmosphere. Easy enough when you’re having a small dinner party for family or friends. Make time to shower and dress, put on a smile and don’t let your guests know how much energy you expended to clean, cook, set the table and arrange the decorations. If you don’t seem stressed, your guests will be relaxed and have a great time.

But what do you do when you want to host an intimate sit-down dinner party for 2,500 people? That was the challenge Procter & Gamble (P&G) faced when it decided to invite the town of Lambertville, NJ, to a three-course meal on August 13, 2017. The consumer goods company wanted to demonstrate how just one 21.6-ounce bottle of Dawn dish soap could clean nearly 6,000 dishes.

“Dawn believes that great things happen around the dinner table,” says Chris Laird, Dawn’s brand director. “We were excited to partner with Lambertville to give this town a chance to connect around one long dinner table.”

P&G knew that to pull off this event successfully, it would need an experienced and creative “party planner.” So, P&G tasked their Public Relations Firm Citizens Relations to help pull off the monumental task. The company they turned to was Pinpoint, a full-service marketing and production agency known for helping brands create experiences. “Dawn really liked our approach — ‘let’s create remarkable’,” says Steve Gentile, a Pinpoint partner and the Creative Director. “And our philosophy — ‘We don’t mind getting our hands dirty or doing the heavy lifting’ — couldn’t have been more appropriate for the event.” Pinpoint staff members, along with outside workers hired by the agency, actually hand washed 5,760 dirty plates, Gentile adds.

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Party Planning

The heavy lifting began two and a half months before the event. Pinpoint collaborated with P&G to plan the menu and decorations. Guests would be served a salad dressed with balsamic and oil, followed by spaghetti with a red sauce and dark berry cobbler for dessert. To coordinate with Dawn’s blue dishwashing liquid, the color theme would be blue and white. The tables would be covered with branded blue cloths, the plates white, the signage blue and white, the area decorated with blue balloons, and staff members would wear blue T-shirts.

Then, Pinpoint got down to business and worked on the arrangements and logistics. The firm designed and printed signage, window posters and even custom labels for water bottles. Pinpoint also created invitations to the Sunday family dinner that were mailed to all town residents and which were followed up with an email blast. There was no reason to be concerned about attendance — the free event was sold out in a couple of days.

To ensure the event went smoothly, Pinpoint met several times with Lambertville’s mayor and other town officials. Among the issues they discussed were safety and security, traffic control and promotion, Gentile says. “We wanted to respect the surrounding community, and the local community was very supportive,” he adds.


Pinpoint serves up a three-course dinner for 2,500 guests and washes nearly 6,000 plates with one bottle of Dawn

Let’s Party!

Three days before the event, Pinpoint arranged to have wood delivered to an empty barn rented in the local community, and staff members got to work building 334 picnic tables. The night before the dinner, trucks delivered the assembled tables to the event location, and Pinpoint’s team lined them up along six city blocks. Pinpoint also set up a dishwashing station in a tent located in the town hall parking lot.

The day of the event, some 150 staff members were onsite to check in guests, serve the food, make sure everyone’s needs were met — and wash dishes. Staff members used golf carts to pick up the dirty dishes and transport them to the washing station. Tia Mowry, an actress, model, mom, cook and fan of Dawn, helped kick off the dishwashing with a ceremonial wash. “A notary witnessed the dishwashing,” Gentile says, “so that’s how we know the exact number of plates cleaned with one bottle of Dawn.”

Did the guests feel relaxed and welcomed? Pinpoint hired an MC to oversee the festivities and a DJ to spin the tunes. Judging from the laughter, dancing and, of course, eating, there’s no doubt a fun time was had by all. Pinpoint also prepared a goody bag for their guests — a tote bag filled with a branded dish towel, sponge scrubber and, of course, bottle of Dawn.

“We worked overnight to clean up,” Gentile says, “so when the community woke up the town was back to normal.” Pinpoint donated the tables to Lambertville for its community park and town hall, and some guests signed up to take a table home.

“It was a rewarding experience to work with a prominent brand and deliver an event that met their expectations,” Gentile says, “and to create a party that Lambertville will remember with joy for many years.”

The custom assets & build-out consisted of:

  • 36″ Balloons (36)
  • Tote Bags (500)
  • Dish Brushes (500)
  • Staff Credential Badges with Lanyards
  • Sponges Branded (500)
  • Tassels & Weights for Balloons (36)
  • Temporary Tattoos (3,000)
  • Dish Towels (500)
  • Umbrellas (2,500)
  • Branded Water Bottles (4,000)
  • Wristbands (3,000)
  • Picnic Blankets
  • The Experience:

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