Let's Make Giving Easy

This year more than ever, the holidays are a great opportunity to strengthen relationships and show appreciation by gift-giving. But where to begin? What items should you choose? How much will they cost? Who should you talk to? Ugh. Giving shouldn't be a chore... but sometimes that's how it feels.

Get started easily with customized gift and kit ideas from Pinpoint. We offer a healthy blend of nostalgic holiday classics and functional items that recipients will appreciate long after the tinsel and bows are swept away.

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Boost employee morale and strengthen
client relationships with MEANINGFUL GIFTS

Speakeasy Gift Set

Glasses, ice rocks, & wood case
AS LOW AS $40.75

Cozy Comfort Kit

Pillow cover & fringed throw blanket
AS LOW AS $32.85

Aromatherapy Luxury Set

Candle, bath salt, bar soap, pumice stone + roller ball
AS LOW AS $25.75

Show your employees you
VALUE their hard work
Show clients how GRATEFUL
you are for their business

Masia 6-Piece Cheese Set

Porcelain dipping cups, stainless steel knife, & board with slate cutting surface
AS LOW AS $25.25

17 Oz. Asobu® Goblet Wine Glass Kit (Set of 4)

Stemless Garden Goblets with silicone insulators
AS LOW AS $28.75

Trendy Lunch Gift Set

28 oz. Deluxe Hydration Bottle & (1) Osaka Bento Lunch Box
AS LOW AS $29.25

Portable Wine Gift Set

(2) 12 oz. wine tumblers & (1) 25 oz. growler, double-wall insulated stainless steel
AS LOW AS $36.20

Leave a lasting impression and
make your brand MEMORABLE
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