Family Dinner with Dawn

Pinpoint helped Dawn clean all the dishes of an entire city with one bottle of Dawn!

Dawn Dish Soap brand wanted to have a family dinner for the entire community of an iconic American city. To make this a reality, Pinpoint Promotions built 2,000 feet of branded picnic tables, over 6 city blocks, to feed 2,500 people a free 3-course meal for 1 intimate sit-down dinner as a family in Lambertville, NJ. And the kicker… we cleaned ALL of the plates with only 1 bottle of Dawn!

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The custom assets & build-out consisted of:

  • 36″ Balloons (36)
  • Tote Bags (500)
  • Dish Brushes (500)
  • Staff Credential Badges with Lanyards
  • Sponges Branded (500)
  • Tassels & Weights for Balloons (36)
  • Temporary Tattoos (3,000)
  • Dish Towels (500)
  • Umbrellas (2,500)
  • Branded Water Bottles (4,000)
  • Wristbands (3,000)
  • Picnic Blankets
  • The Experience:

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