Pirelli 2018 Calendar Launch

Pinpoint helped launch their famed Pirelli Calendar

Pinpoint was honored and ecstatic to partner with The Manhattan Center in New York to assist with all signage, environmental graphics, and installation needs for the famous 2018 Pirelli Calendar launch. “The Cal”, as Pirelli styles it, is an annual publication that has historically infused glamor with a dash of titillation, showcasing a series of top-models shot by leading photographers. This Italian tire company has been releasing The Cal since the 1960’s, and it is known for its limited availability, only being gifted to a restricted number of Pirelli customers and celebrities. The 2018 world renowned Pirelli publication featured a more modern take on the familiar tale of Alice in Wonderland photographed through the fantastical lens of Tim Walker. In this day and age where millennials are taking a more social stand, in the wake of #blacklivesmatter Pirelli listened and delivered featuring an all-black cast of 17 characters from the world of fashion, music, cinema and the underground universe.

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As the exclusive signage and branding partner of The Manhattan Center, Pinpoint was tasked with making every aspect of this massive event a picture-perfect spectacle to be seen by the world. Pirelli’s 2018 calendar launch was magnificent from top to bottom, with every square inch of the venue branded with custom graphics to enhance the calendar’s outlandish theme. For our favorite part of the project we converted the lobby and promenade areas of the venue with curved checkered graphics from floor to ceiling to truly provide a trippy and mystical sense of the Alice in Wonderland theme. In addition to the Manhattan Center, we also provided the branding for the Pirelli Calendar 2018 launch press conference at The Pierre Hotel. In total, this was a multi-location 5-day installation with all graphical elements to be showcased over one incredible night. Pinpoint’s attention to detail was indispensable, and we truly think we delivered an otherworldly layer of excellence for this remarkable event.

The custom assets & build-out consisted of:

  • Custom Built Step & Repeat on the red carpet
  • Custom Monitor Board Framed Covers
  • Colorful Fabric Walls Showcasing Calendar Shots
  • Black and white checked graphics in the lobby including the floor
  • Black and white checked graphics in the promenade including the pillars and floor
  • Frosted window graphics
  • All production and installation services
The Experience:

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