Stronger Together Tour

Pepsi x iHeart

It’s 2020. Events have been canceled across the country and people are out of jobs, but families need cheer and encouragement.

Pepsi went into action with initiatives to help communities in need and bring smiles and joy to children and their families. Partnering with iHeart Media, they reached out to Pinpoint to design, build, and manage their “Stronger Together Holiday Market” tour that made stops in Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN. We made it all happen in just 2 weeks.


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It was a COVID-safe, socially distanced event open to families who had preregistered for a specific 25-minute timeslot to attend the outdoor event. Guests started at the COVID check-in area where everyone was screened prior to entry. Once cleared, guests signed in at registration, were given a wristband color-coded according to their preregistered timeslot, and then assigned a personal holiday concierge to accompanied them through the 250-foot long event space.

With three major themed footprints, a touchless photo opportunity, and interactive gratitude wall, the event had something to offer for both children and adults.

Local celebrities read books to children in the reading room, which featured a wall displaying hundreds of books, a faux living room wall with a real fireplace, wooden mantel, and hanging stockings. Each child received a free book of choice. Shaquille O’Neal made a surprise appearance in Nashville to make the event even larger, causing a media frenzy and excitement through the community.

While the children were taking photos with Shaq and being read to, parents shopped at the Gift Room for free gifts for their children. The Pepsi elves safely delivered the wrapped gifts to parents down fun slides to maintain social distance. From there, families picked up free groceries in branded grocery totes at the Holiday Marketplace, courtesy of Kroger and local food banks.

From event tents, branded backdrops, and custom shelving, to dimensional and directional signage, decorations, and giveaways, Pinpoint designed and created it all, melding rustic, Christmas, and Pepsi themes.


  • Creative and buildout: 2 weeks
  • Families impacted: 302
  • Attendance: 692 individuals
  • #PepsiStrongerTogether

  • One (1) 40’ wide x 20’ deep Reading Room tent
  • One (1) 40’ wide x 20’ deep Gifting Room tent
  • One (1) 20’ wide x 10’ deep themed marketplace tent
  • Faux living room wall with real fireplace and wood mantel for the reading tent
  • Giant, 4' tall faux children's book for reading tent
  • Custom rustic wood photo opp frame with touchless digital kiosk
  • Custom wood grocery bins for marketplace tent
  • Custom gift delivery slides in the gift tent
  • Custom branded and themed counters
  • Full-color printed, themed acrylic sneeze guards
  • Directional signage for stanchions and A-frames
  • Social distancing graphics and signage
  • Promotional product giveaways and bags for guests
  • Face masks, nitrile gloves, and hand sanitizer giveaways
  • Touchless hand sanitizer units throughout the footprint
  • Imprinted staff apparel and Santa hats

We were grateful to be a part of Pepsi’s “progress in action,” positively impacting families facing 2020’s challenges. We gave away over 600 books and 600 toys and 18,000 pounds of food, feeding over 302 families

Everyone was touched by the event. Some commented things like, “We needed something like this,” “I think it’s awesome that they’re doing this for the kids.” People were also impressed at the efficient implementation of COVID precautions that allowed the event to take place

Many were speechless and just very grateful for the fun holiday experience to lift their spirits.

We had a blast bringing people joy as we took this project from start to finish. We also proved that events can go on safely despite a pandemic.

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